back to work

so we all survived our first week of paternity leave/working mom!  only minor tears!  it went really well, better than i expected, although i was pretty optimistic.

i had an easy transition back into teaching: we had our big scary state mandated testing this week, so classes weren’t really being held.  i didn’t have to worry about lesson plans or grades for this week, and was just able to come back in and catch up on my co-taught classes and student progress.  it’s been really nice to see my kids again, although i’ve been joking with them that i expected them to have matured much more than they did while i was away 🙂

the non-teaching responsibilities have been a little bit tougher than expected and were the source of the one minor little freak out that i had last week.  my last day of work was also my supervisor’s last day before her retirement.  while i was gone, we had an interim supervisor for a few months, and my new boss started about 6 weeks ago.  she hasn’t included me on any of the department emails that went out while i was gone, including some stuff i should’ve been in the loop on.  add to that a new teacher evaluation system in place this year that i don’t really know anything about, and i was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  oh, and did i mention that technically my observation is due next friday and my annual review a few weeks after that?  any i’ve only met the new boss for about 30 seconds just by luck?  i don’t even know if she knows i’m back yet.

luckily, i work with some great people that helped to talk me down and share what their supervisors had said about the evaluations this year.  and i was able to get some good guidance from my vice principal, who i really trust and feel i can be honest about all this with.  i just need to keep reminding myself that i did what i needed to do while i was in school this fall, and that i can’t be penalized for taking a big chunk of the year off.  and i’ve gotten a good start on my end of the year paperwork so whenever they realize they forgot about me and need to finish it all ASAP-OMG-Now! i won’t be too terribly stressed.  it’s just hard not knowing who the new lady is (and it doesn’t sound like anyone really does yet).  she doesn’t know me, and i am a bit worried that her first impression of me is going to be someone who didn’t meet all the requirements for the year, even if i do have a perfectly acceptable reason for it.

other than my short lived crying fit yesterday morning, i’ve felt better emotionally these past few days.  during they day i’ve been great and haven’t been too upset to be away from my little boy.  i do feel a bit more guilty each afternoon when i come home though.  i swear he’s bigger than when i left that morning!  the past few days, i’ve been holding him in my arms during his afternoon nap and refusing to put him down.  i’ve just been missing those cuddles too much.

ralph and farmer pignut
ralph and farmer pignut

ralph and pignut had a good week at home too.  monday i came home to dinner in the crock pot and the house cleaner than it had been for some time, and to be honest, my ego was hurting a bit that ralph was able to get so much done.  but it has gotten much closer to what my normal had been: dishes and laundry cleaned but not put away is about it.  yesterday pignut decided he didn’t want to nap for more than 20 minutes at a time, and ralph was a bit frazzled when i got home and in need of a break.  it made me feel so much better about all those days that i had felt the same way.  and it has been really nice to see the two of them together now, feeling much more comfortable than they had been after just a few short days.

and it’s a good thing that everything is going so well, because the next few weeks are going to be hectic!  next wednesday is resolve’s advocacy day, so i’ll be catching the train at 4 am (what was i thinking!) and shouldn’t make it back until the baby is in bed.  luckily i’ll be home to help with the middle of the night wake ups.  and all that will be nice practice for ralph for when i go away the following week for three days, back to washington dc again, only with 250 8th graders in tow.  and then, in between my two trips, we have a visit from ralph’s parents, his birthday, and my first mother’s day.  quite a lot going on!


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