for those who can’t celebrate mother’s day this weekend

i’m still working on my post about wednesday’s advocacy day (in short – it was amazing and i can’t wait for next year!), but in the meantime, i wanted to ask you all to do a little something for me.  something in honor of mother’s day, and all the women out there who will be unable to celebrate this year.  could you take a few minutes to contact your representatives and ask for their support on the two bills that would make a world of difference to couples like Ralph and i?

we are looking for support for the family act, a tax credit that would help couples with the costs of IVF, as well as cancer patients needing to preserve their fertility.  we also hope to get passed the women veterans and other health care improvement act, that would cover IVF for soldiers that are made infertile by injuries sustained in war.

i have written up a couple of letters that you can easily copy and paste into your email and send out. (i wrote ones for new jersey, pennsylvania, and new york since that’s where i know lots of people.  give me other states and i will make one specific for you).  you can check here to find your representative (or let me know your zip and i will gladly find it for you).  it will only take a few minutes of your time, and will make a tremendous difference to infertile couples.


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