calm in the storm

my sweet boy
my sweet boy

it’s been a rough couple of day’s in the pignut household: baby with head cold + still teething + not always pooping when he wants to = pissed off kid who doesn’t want to nap for more than 20 minutes + insists on being held whenever he’s awake.

and poor Ralph is dealing with it all. day. long.

last night i was trying to get him to go down for bed, rocking him and feeding him in his nursery.  and he was having done of it, and making sure i was aware of his displeasure.  none of the usual tricks for calming him down were working, and it was clear that he was sooooo tired that he would instantly pass out if he would just stop screaming for more than a minute.

i had sent Ralph an SOS text asking him to come take over if he was still screaming in ten minutes.  i could feel my patience running out, and started singing a lullaby i learned as a kid at 4H camp – more to keep myself calm than thinking it would have any impact.

but it did.

a few words into the song, he just stopped screaming like nothing had been wrong, and stared straight in my eyes.  and he sat there, staring right at me, with a slight smirk on his face and let me sing to him for a good seven or eight minutes.

i sat there singing and telling myself this is one of those moments i would want to always remember.  it was so wonderful.

…until he started screaming again 🙂


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