well hello stranger…

man, oh man, have i missed you.


i’m not a religious person or anything, but maybe they would have been able to have a kid of their own if they weren’t so evil.

so that happened.  not exactly a comment i expected to hear at work last week.  honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever heard someone say that out loud before.  read it online, heard stories of some asshole saying it aloud, but never in real life.

and i totally wasn’t expecting my reaction to the comment: i felt like someone had punched me in the gut.  i looked down, fascinated by the spreadsheet in front of me.  i could feel my eye welling up, my cheeks burning.  i found myself suddenly hyperaware of everyone around me – did they hear her say that?  did it register to anyone but me?  could they tell how upset i was becoming?  my mind started racing with comebacks

ok, maybe that initial, involuntary reaction wasn’t so unexpected.  but the thought-out, completely voluntary one that came next…

i said nothing.  just kept doing what needed doing in the meeting, counting down the minutes until the period ended and i could teach my class.  but i didn’t say a thing.

not. a. thing.

and i am so, so pissed at myself.  embarrassed.  ashamed.  i can shout from the rooftops about our struggles.  spill my guts to anyone i meet.  tell my representatives about IF and ask for their support.

but i sat, silent, while some stupid twit at work opened her big fat mouth.


4 thoughts on “well hello stranger…

  1. Hey, I’m the devil, according to my husband, and I have two kids. 🙂 Seriously?! Has everyone gone insane?! What causes someone to make such an idiotic comment that makes no sense to begin with and can only cause pain to others? I don’t understand the inability to think before speaking! Or better yet, think before thinking! Why would that even be a thought someone would have?!
    Think, breath, speak! If everyone did this, we wouldn’t have to be bombarded with half the crud we are forced to hear these days.
    As far as not saying anything, I understand how that feels. I spend weeks after a certain family member leaves beating myself up for not coming up with a million good defensive comebacks. But, usually, people like that don’t hear the response anyway. Why waste your breath on someone so obviously clueless!

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