about us

Ralph and I have been together for almost fifteen years, married for eight. We have jobs that we love, just bought our first house, and things are good. All that is was missing is a baby.

About two years ago, we decided we were ready. I didn’t think it would happen right away, but in my head I was naively giving us a couple of months until the timing would be perfect with my teaching schedule. Lots of sex is all it takes, right?

I guess not.

The culprit: MFI (low motility and morphology), PCOS-ish, & endometriosis-ish (officially diagnosis on the paperwork is female infertility of unknown origin)

The plan: IVF + ICSI   Find a new clinic   Round 2  figure out how to raise a decent human being

please send me an email.  let me know i’m not just talking to myself.


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