niaw: a crash course in ivf

have you heard, it’s national infertility awareness week! and in honor of it, i have been doing a bunch of posts this week for all of my fertile friends and family to help inform them about infertility and the issues in our community.


so, as i mentioned before, there are quite a few different options for assisted reproductive technologies that a couple may be presented with depending on their diagnosis. our first doctor decided that our best course of action would be to jump straight to in vitro fertilization (ivf). this was both scary – since that’s the end of the line, last resort before you have to involve someone else. (well someone else’s egg, sperm, or uterus. there were lots of people involved in making pignut) – and a relief – since we knew that, being the end of the line, this was our best shot without having to move onto third-party reproduction.

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I keep thinking of posts to start and things I want need to say, and never following through on them. Partly because I don’t feel like I have the time to get it all out and get it right. Partly because sleep deprivation really messes with your head. But mostly because I’m a bit afraid now that I put this all out there to people I know in real life. I’ve been censoring myself, and I don’t want to do that anymore. So I’m not going to. I know there are a lot of people who care about me who read this now, and I hope that you can understand that I just need to get somethings out to help me process my own thoughts. This is how I think things through, and I need that now.

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yeah, i’m still alive

sorry for the radio silence.  all is still well.  i had my 7 week ultrasound, and while i don’t remember the tiny details anymore, everything looked great.  and i graduated!  i wasn’t ready for that one, and started blubbering like an idiot, thanking everyone.  i see a nurse and a midwife at my new clinic on monday for my initial patient appointment.  just waiting until then i guess.

and in no particular order, a smattering of random thoughts from the past two or so weeks…

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6 week ultrasound & the longest three days of my life

sorry for the delay in updating, but it’s been a crazy week.  we went in tuesday morning to see pignut again, and we weren’t disappointed.  we saw the fetal pole and the heartbeat!  R had a hard time making it out on the small screen facing me, so he went around to check out the high def version, the lucky guy.

and then wednesday, i was up in the middle of the night to chaperone 225 eighth graders in washington, dc for three days.  it was completely exhausting (i think i got 10 hours sleep total while i was gone), and a complete clusterfuck (for example, a kid found an empty fifth of brandy between two of the bus seats), but i had a bus full of pretty awesome kids, and chaperoned with some really cool people, including my bff.  it was really nice getting to know the kids better, although i wish it had happened more than three weeks before they graduate from the middle school.

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beta 3…

is “almost 900.”  Dr. Y called just as the kids were coming in for class, so I didn’t get to ask for a more specific number, but that’s good enough for me.  looks like a doubling time of around 35-ish hours (if my estimations/math is right).  and can someone please please please fix beta base.

our first ultrasound will be next wednesday morning, at 5 weeks 5 days.  i’m trying not to get too excited, since i know it is early and we might not be able to see much.

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