niaw: stuff that rocks my socks

have you heard, it’s national infertility awareness week! and in honor of it, i have been doing a bunch of posts this week for all of my fertile friends and family to help inform them about infertility and the issues in our community.


so, i think you’ve heard me ramble on enough this week, how about listening reading to some of the other amazing people in the ALI (adoption, loss, & infertility) community. it’s time for another list o’ awesomeness:

  • first off, thank you to our family and friends for their support. it may seem like a small thing to you, but every message, facbook like, and blog post you shared meant so, so much to me. thank you!Read More »

stuff that rocks my socks

for a while now, i’ve been hoarding links to stuff that i’ve seen on the internets, which the intention of them sparking an entire post and discussion about why they make me so happy (although, they really aren’t all happy links). and, well, those posts never happen and now i feel like i have all this clutter lying around that i need to clean up.

and clean up i shall. i’ll try to make this somewhat logical, but i think we all know that is a lost cause.Read More »