nursery! after…

and here it all is, just waiting for our little man to make his appearance.  i can’t get over how happy i am with everything – it turned out just how i had pictured.

(sorry there aren’t any good pictures of the whole room, it’s just too tiny!)


White Jenny Lind Crib by DaVinci (Amazon)

Poang rocking chair (Ikea)

Pillow case and crib skirt made from Vitaminer Rand bedding set (Ikea)

Vitaminer Vimpel curtains (Ikea) with pompom fringe (Purl Soho)

Table with legs cut short and painted (Ikea)

Mobile by Emalia’s Fancy (Etsy)

Microscope swaddling blanket by Nerdy Baby

Crib sheet by Modified Tot (Etsy)

Alphabet crossstitch made by Ralph’s Aunt Marianne when he was a little boy


Ekby shelving (Ikea)

The three prints are from I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg (Amazon) and painted by Ralph’s mom.  Ralph’s sister read from this book (including these pages) at our wedding.

Giraffe piggy bank (Amazon)


My brother and his fiance made the bunting for our baby shower from a book of nursery rhymes.

Ralph helped me make this dinosaur planter and one on the dresser too.


Ralph refinished the dresser that we found on craiglist

Changing pad cover by Modified Tot (Etsy)

Small green lamp (Target) and shade (Ikea)


The large blue canvas is going to have some sentimental song lyrics on it as soon as I take care of that, and the two little canvases are for his hand and foot print when he gets here.

Giraffe embroidery kit from penguin & fish (Etsy)

“Where the Wild Things Are” print by Raw Art Letterpress (Etsy)

hi print by tiny cub (Etsy)

I love my dog print by Inklings (Etsy)

New Jersey Map by deKanimal (Etsy)

tree card by Silhouette Blue that I had bought when we were married (Etsy)

Ralph made the map print for me in some of his software for work

My mom made the future farmers crossstitch for my cousin when he was born


Custom made Agatha stuffed puppy by Wee Woolen Ones (Etsy)

Salvaged Advertising Letter T from Merle’s Vintage (Etsy)

Billy Bookcase (Ikea)

And there aren’t good pictures of them yet, but….

Yellow Zigzag Rug (Urban Outfitters)

Nom Nom Monster Pillow by Bed Bugs (Etsy)

Wall color: Ashes by Behr

Ceiling color: Silver Sateen by Behr

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nursery! before…

everything is pretty much set in the nursery, so it’s time to inundate you with pictures!  first of all, the before shots:

this is what the nursery looked like when we first saw the house:

the old family’s nursery
the old family’s nursery

and it was the first room we began in just hours after buying the house. both the nursery and our bedroom had old wallpaper that had been painted over, and we wanted to try and tackle that mess before we moved in and there was stuff everywhere.

sustenance to get us through the work
sustenance to get us through the work

steaming off the wallpaper wasn’t as bad as we expected it to be. i think it helped that everything was so old – the wallpaper under the (many layers of) paint was original to the house and whatever glue they had used in the 20s was long since dried out.

just this little two foot wide section took hours!
there were at least three layers of paint on top of the wallpaper

it took a few days, but we managed to get the walls cleaned off. we gave up when we realized the wallpaper and paint carried over onto the ceiling too, and kind of abandoned the room until we knew we were finally pregnant.

May 25: Ralph's "bump" :)
Ralph’s “bump” while he scraped the ceiling
scraping the ceiling
scraping the ceiling
and washing the gunk off the walls
and washing the gunk off the walls

after the walls were finally cleaned though, there was still a lot to do before we could start painting.  there were spots where the original plaster was coming away from the the lath, so Ralph had to attach it with all sorts of epoxy and plaster screws.

May 13, 2012
reattaching the corner
June 23, 2012 Ceiling
and the ceiling

and after some nice free labor from the in-laws, the walls were finally ready to paint!

July 17, 2012
spackling the many, many cracks in the room

part two coming shortly….


this isn’t a real post – one of those should be coming shortly.  but in the meantime: still here, just a few days from our due date, with no signs that this little guy is making his appearance anytime soon.


i’ve been cleaning a little lately, and came across some stuff that i would rather pass on to someone who could use it than shove in the back of a closet somewhere.  so merry belated christmas!  send me an email if you’d like any of it and i’ll get it out in the mail to you as soon as i can:

so like i said, email me and any of it is yours.  now can someone please explain to me why i can’t seem to get rid of the two sharps containers still in the back of my cabinet?  what a ridiculous thing to get sentimental over.

don’t get excited, this isn’t a real post

i have so many things that i want to post about, and so little time to write them up.  but a couple of quick things that i wanted to share…

  • have you heard the bitter infertiles podcast?  i had gotten out of the habit of listening to podcasts lately, but these ladies have sucked me back in.  completely awesome.
  • just a quick bit of advice if you’re ever misbehaving in my class:  when i assign you lunch detention, don’t complain to another teacher that i overreacted and snapped, because i’m cranky because i’m pregnant.  especially to another teacher who’s going to yell at you too, and then come right to me and tell me what you said.
  • i was sitting slouching earlier today when pignut starts beating the crap out of me up near my lungs.  in the past week or so, i’ve started to be able to see some of his more extreme movements from the outside.  today, i saw him kick my stomach, which in turn shook my boob that was resting on my stomach.  dude’s kicking my boobs already, and he’s not even out yet.  so glad i didn’t have any kids with me then.

it’s a baby panda!

Mei Xiang
Mei Xiang (image by The Brit_2)

my hormones have been going crazy lately, so it really shouldn’t have surprised me when i burst into tears this morning.  the catalyst that set me off?  Mei Xiang had a baby!  panda’s only ovulate once a year, and scientists at the zoo weren’t even sure that she was pregnant again, since panda’s commonly have “pseudopregnancies” and act like they have conceived even if they haven’t.  there was no way for them to know expect just wait to see if there was a baby or not.  but this time there was!

i first learned about Mei Xiang’s struggles with secondary infertility last year when i read a post mel had written about discussions to possibly replace her with a more fertile panda at the zoo.  it was just before i chaperoned the 8th grade trip to DC, and honestly, it bummed me out so much that i skipped the panda exhibit when we stopped at the zoo.  even though i knew at that point that we were pregnant, i just felt so bad for that poor panda.

and so this morning, i cried, i was so happy to read the news.  which just reinforced to R that i have turned into a crazy lady 🙂

happy four years

some snippets from our wedding ceremony, august 9, 2008:

J and R, your marriage will, no doubt, be filled with surprises.  Some you will welcome, while others will test the strength and flexibility of your bond.

Your life together will present many opportunities to refine and deepen your love and to explore the profound depths of your being.  May you be compassionate with each other and nurture yourselves, each other, and this union with tender loving care.

May your love create a safe haven for you both on the journey that lays ahead of you.  Lend with your hearts and take the time to do the simple things that will nurture your love.

Deeply listen to each other – to your dreams and your frustrations.  Be helpmates.  Be playful in finding ways to give your love anew to each other every day.Read More »