pignut’s arrival

i had an appointment on the 3rd, my due date, and my midwife said that i was only 2 cm, so we weren’t too optimistic that we would be meting our little boy that soon.  later that afternoon, i started having contractions that didn’t go away if i laid down, but they also still weren’t very consistent.  by the next morning though, they had become regular, lasting about 30 seconds each, and coming every 10 minutes or so.  and that was the story aaaallllll day long.  ralph was able to work from home, so we both hung out on the couch watching doctor who while he was productive (by the way: netflix streaming was the best christmas present ever this year!)

the contractions continued aaaallllll night long too, sometimes coming every 6 minutes, but averaging every 8.  i couldn’t believe it, but i was so tired that i manged to fall asleep between most of them, but it was a long night.  around midnight, they started getting much more painful, and i lost my mucus plug.  a little after 9, i gave my midwife a call.  my water hadn’t “broken,” but i thought i might be leaking amniotic fluid (but who the hell knows.  pregnancy is weird dude).  she was already at the hospital, and told us we could come in and get checked.  judging from her tone of voice though, she didn’t think we really needed to, and this was more just to calm down the freaked out first time mom.

holy crap - we're having a baby!
holy crap – we’re having a baby!

by the time we got checked into triage and my midwife was able to check me, i was 4-5 cm dilated, and the ferning test showed that i was leaking fluid, so i was admitted and moved up to labor and delivery around 11. and can i say, i just love the hospital we delivered at.  my room was beautiful, huge, and pretty comfortable for a hospital.  the wonderful anesthesiologist came around 12:30 to give me my epidural, which was perfect (my midwife had to actually stop my internal exam early the day before because i could not handle the pain – i am a huge baby).  they started pitocin around 2 to try and speed up the contractions: i was 5 cm, 80% effaced at that point.  thanks to the epidural, i was finally able to get some real sleep for the first time in about 30 hours.  i wasn’t feeling anything beneath my ribs at that point, which was such a relief.

but i don't want my epi to go away!
but i don’t want my epi to go away!

Some time around 10-ish, my midwife decided it was time to turn of my epidural: it was working too well, and i couldn’t feel enough to know if it was time to push or not.  i remember my nurse and midwife kept asking me about where i was feeling pressure and if i thought i needed to push, and i was getting so frustrated because i honestly had no clue.  i wasn’t quite fully dilated, so the nurse was talking about needing to just work through the contractions for about 45 minutes to an hour so i could get there.  but, like i said, i am a huge baby, and that just wasn’t working – i was in too much pain.

the next few hours are a bit of a blur.  they let me start pushing before i was fully dilated, and my nurse said that my epidural had most likely completely worn off at that point.  i got sick a few times – which really sucks when you haven’t had anything but ice chips for about 24 hours.  i was in a ton of pain, but my nurse was wonderful and stayed by my side to help me through it.  she tried having me labor in some different positions that might be more comfortable, but pignut’s vitals would go all wonky if i was doing anything but lying on my back, so that didn’t work.  at one point, my awesome nurse (who was about 20 weeks pregnant) got very lightheaded and they had to call in some help.  whoever called into the hall wasn’t very clear about the problem though, and a half a dozen people came rushing in ready for an emergency.  she was fine after sitting for a bit, and honestly, it made me feel very reassured that everyone was so fast and calm in case anything did go wrong.

i remember being told at one point – after complaining yet again that i just couldn’t do this anymore – that they would only let me push for three hours before we started getting ready for a c-section, and i told the nurse that i was more than willing to get started now.  i really didn’t think i was going to get through it, even though rationally i knew there was no alternative.  but finally, after about two hours of the most pain in my life, our little boy came into the world.

about 20 minutes old
about 20 minutes old

and it had all been worth it.


still here…

so long time no see.  everything here is still good, just busy and exhausting.  since the last time i posted, i’ve survived…

  • the end of the first marking and parent-teacher conferences
  • awesome baby showers with both Ralph’s family and mine
  • our last two trips north to see family for quite a long time
  • childbirth class and hospital tour
  • a mysterious orange tongue that my midwives don’t seem concerned about
  • hurricane sandy (our town made out pretty well except for power outages – although we were only out 2 days, so i can’t complaint)
  • the election
  • meeting two of the cutest twin girls ever
  • presenting about the NASA reduced gravity program to the science classes
  • our first holiday without family where i could actually get off the couch
  • sorting through mountains of baby clothes from some very generous friends and their little boy (seriously – seven full rubbermaid totes so far!)
  • getting the nursery and important baby gear all set up – just some last minute decorating to do when my folks come down in a few weeks

hopefully at some point i’ll actually take the time to talk about some of this, but i just don’t seem to have any energy lately.

other than that, i am feeling fine.  except for the two hours nap i have to take every day after work.  i’m sleeping ok at night, but i usually end up awake for an hour or two at some point in the night.  i finally broke down and bought one of those belly support belts, which has been a life saver – it was getting to the point where i was just so achy by the end of the day i felt like crying.

my favorite “side effect” that has started becoming a problem is just my belly getting in the way of everything.  this morning, i almost had to call ralph after he left for work and ask him to come home and help me get dressed.  socks, and especially tying any shoes, have been getting more difficult for the last few weeks, but this morning?  i had a hell of a time just trying to get my underwear on.  it was really touch and go there for while, but i managed to get myself dressed in time to make it to work.  fun times 🙂

and now….do i squeeze in today’s nap before ralph comes home?  or answer all the emails from friends and family i’ve been neglecting lately?  hmmmmm…..

in which i sound like a crazy woman talking to my pharmacist

i had an appointment with the midwife today and everything looked good.  little man is head down.  they had a bit of trouble finding his heartbeat, he had moved right under my belly button and hard to get to.  they could hear the blood in the placenta the whole time though, so they weren’t too worried.  i was a little bit though.  i told him he was grounded if he pulled a stunt like that again, but i don’t know if he understood the threat 🙂Read More »

don’t get excited, this isn’t a real post

i have so many things that i want to post about, and so little time to write them up.  but a couple of quick things that i wanted to share…

  • have you heard the bitter infertiles podcast?  i had gotten out of the habit of listening to podcasts lately, but these ladies have sucked me back in.  completely awesome.
  • just a quick bit of advice if you’re ever misbehaving in my class:  when i assign you lunch detention, don’t complain to another teacher that i overreacted and snapped, because i’m cranky because i’m pregnant.  especially to another teacher who’s going to yell at you too, and then come right to me and tell me what you said.
  • i was sitting slouching earlier today when pignut starts beating the crap out of me up near my lungs.  in the past week or so, i’ve started to be able to see some of his more extreme movements from the outside.  today, i saw him kick my stomach, which in turn shook my boob that was resting on my stomach.  dude’s kicking my boobs already, and he’s not even out yet.  so glad i didn’t have any kids with me then.

so tired

first things first, i have decided that i am going to be sharing this blog more publicly, specifically with friends and family.  to prepare to finish coming out of the IF closet, i have been going through old posts and editing out some parts (including semen details to respect Rs privacy and some of the more heavy family issues/depression issues) that i am just not comfortable sharing with people i know in real life.  every post that i am editing will still be available in it’s full, original form in a password protected post.  if you are someone i don’t know personally and are interested in the specifics of Rs test results or my messed up ramblings,  feel free to email me and i will share the password.  oh, and sorry for all the new posts showing up in your rss reader.

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it’s a boy!

yesterday was our anatomy scan, and everything looked perfect!  (i’ll add the photos to pignut’s page soon).  and we found out that we will be having a little boy come new years!  it was so amazing to watch his little heart beating away in there – it reminds me of a butterfly.  between yesterday and the in-depth ultrasound we had back at 17 weeks after our scare, the sonographers were able to clearly see and measure everything that they needed to see.  although, i’m not going to lie, i wouldn’t have been disappointed in he decided to be stubborn and we got a third chance to see him 🙂

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