niaw: stuff that rocks my socks

have you heard, it’s national infertility awareness week! and in honor of it, i have been doing a bunch of posts this week for all of my fertile friends and family to help inform them about infertility and the issues in our community.


so, i think you’ve heard me ramble on enough this week, how about listening reading to some of the other amazing people in the ALI (adoption, loss, & infertility) community. it’s time for another list o’ awesomeness:

  • first off, thank you to our family and friends for their support. it may seem like a small thing to you, but every message, facbook like, and blog post you shared meant so, so much to me. thank you!Read More »

iclw april 2013

welcome to those of you visiting for iclw! this is the third time i’ve attempted to participate, but it’s been a while. in fact, a whole new RE, second IVF cycle, pregnancy, and three-month-old ago!

i’m so excited that this month’s iclw coincides with national infertility awareness week. i have a bunch of posts (mostly aimed towards those outside our community) ready to post, so there’s actually a chance you’ll be able to find a new post to read, which doesn’t happen as much as i would like.

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