our journey

1.6.13: pignut arrives!

1.3.13: our baby boy is due

5.2.12: beta #3: “almost 900”

4.30.12: beta #2: 338

4.27.12: holy shit.  it worked!  beta: 94

4.18.12: day 5 transfer

4.13.12: ER: 18 eggs again

4.3.12: the awful dilapan

3.31.12: start stims again

3.24.12: R’s numbers rock, mock transfer and SHG sucks

2.23.12: fall in love with the new RE

1.7.12:  BFN.  details on the whole cycle here

12.14.11:  Transferred an 8-cell compacting embryo and a 7-cell, grade 1 embryo

12.21.11:  ER – “18 fucking eggs!”

12.8.11: endometrial biopsy

11.17.11: start meds

11.9.11: SHG & mock transfer

10.19.11: we have a plan! IVF with ICSI coming right up

8.2.11 – 9.22.11: we have a bunch of testing done

8.2.11: consult with Dr. Derman, my RE

July: annual with my gyn, get referral to RE

Spring 2011: try charting and OPKs, but I suck at remembering

May-ish 2010: stop trying to not get pregnant

8.9.08: R makes an honest woman out of me


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