it will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that things went better than i expected this morning.  i don’t remember really realizing i was awake until i was sitting back in the recovery room.  the first thing i remember was asking how many they got, but knowing as i was asking that someone had just told me.  after asking a few more times and not really being able to remember the answer, i asked R to write it on my hand so i couldn’t forget:


18!  or as i sent in the text message to some friends “18 fucking eggs!!!!!! :)” (it probably wasn’t the best idea for R to start let me communicating with anyone quite yet). i may still be a bit tired/loopy, but 18 is a hell of a lot more than 5 or 6.

ok, now that the awesome, important part is out of the way, back to the details of the morning.

i guess we didn’t get one with the hair net and aquarium strip

got there around 9:15, signed my life away (including promising i wouldn’t make any financial decisions in the next 24 hours – ha!).  R goes back to do his thing, and then they call me back and we hang out in the recovery room for a bit.  i get dressed in my sexy new outfit (including some new – apparently very lucky – socks).  i was so happy that my favorite nurse was the one walking us through everything – she even laughed at my corny jokes 🙂

once she checks my vitals (including an aquarium thermometer plastered onto my forehead) and double checks my medical history, the nurse says we are just waiting for the anesthesiologist to show.  once he gets in, they take me next door into the procedure room and hook me up to a new set of vitals machines and my iv.  the anesthesiologist asked if anyone had told me i was their favorite patient of the year – i guess i was the last ER on the calendar before the holidays.  he did not seem to appreciate my sense of humor when i asked if that came with the prize of a baby.  hmmff.  he didn’t actually seem to be in a good mood/a very nice guy.  when he saw the bruise on the inside of my elbow, he asked who i was letting beat me up (i hope the other nurse in

the luckiest socks!

the room didn’t hear – she’s the one who gave it to my at my last blood draw).  then he threw a bit of a hissy fit because there was no tape there.  when the nurse came back with the “wrong kind” he complained that she should know what kind he liked, and they were only as good as their weakest link.  the last thing i remember was the embryologist coming in to introduce himself, and Dr. Derman sitting down in the seat of honor.  can i just say it’s a bit awkward to meet new people with your business hanging out for the whole world to see?


far too happy to care how i look in this one

the next thing i know, i am back in the recovery room asking R again how many eggs they got, and crying hysterically.  i knew he had just told me, but for the life of me i couldn’t remember.  he told me 18 a couple more times, and then i finally asked him to write it on my hand so i wouldn’t keep forgetting.  then the silly man gave me my phone, and i started texting happy, curse-filled texts sharing the good news.  oops!  but i was so happy i didn’t even care.  we got a little more information from the nurse – specifically that my e2 levels had continue to rise, and monday morning i had past the 6000 mark.  on strict instructions to down tons of gatorade, water, and salt, we were sent home with a list of symptoms of OHSS to watch out for.  i’ve been drinking (and peeing) quite a bit, and just laying around on the couch for the afternoon, and feeling pretty good so far.

and i just keep checking out that awesome, unexpected number on my hand, and smiling like crazy.


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