we’re pregnant. it worked. beta #1 (9dp5dt) was 94. i go back in again on monday.

holy shit.

i’m pregnant. thats about all my brain can process right now.

we’re going to the bookstore (since none of our tons of books talk much about the after getting pregnant part) and then going for thai food.

we’re pregnant.


plan 2.0

we had our awesomely thorough and awesomely long orientation appointment yesterday afternoon.  i absolutely love the office and the staff there, they are all so great.  everything is still a bit jumbled, so another bulleted list it is.  yay!

my meds for this cycle
  • i’m staying on BCPs until tuesdy 3/27
  • friday 3/30 i go in for BW/US
  • begin stims 3/31
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round two

i had my CD3 bloodwork and ultrasound this morning.  looks like i finally fucking ovulated while i was on the provera.  awesome.  so now there is a “pretty big” cyst on my right ovary.  Dr. Y was going to check out my E2 levels and see if i can start the BCPs tonight or not, but i never heard from her.  i debated calling in, but she was meeting at the main clinic with all the docs and discussing my case this afternoon/evening, and will call to discuss that with me tomorrow, so i will definitely talk to her sometime tomorrow.  one more day can’t hurt too much, right?

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almost done with baseline testing

Things have kind of been on hold for the last few weeks. I went for my HSG on 8/31 and, thankfully, everything looked good. I was so anxious for the test, I think part of it was because I would be seeing the results at the same time as the doc. It wasn’t as bad as I expected though. I think the worst part was the doc was late since roads into town were still closed after Irene and traffic was horrible.Read More »